PRP for Hair Loss 

How PRP helps hair loss

PRP stimulates damaged hair follicles to regenerate and promote hair regrowth to areas of the scalp suffering hair loss/thinning.  

PRP is injected into desired area, improving blood flow and reducing inflammation around the hair follicles allowing healthy new cell production.

How PRP works

PRP therapy can be used to:

Promote cell differentiation of hair follicles.

Stimulate and prolong hair growth (anagen/proliferation)phase. 

Reduce/limit any cellular damage by activating cell protective pathways to allow healthy hair growth.

Generate new blood vessels to increase blood flow to hair follicle to promote cell survival.

PRP is a suitable treatment for:

Androgenic Alopecia (male/female balding)

Alopecia areata

Hair thinning 

Hair transplants

Benefits of PRP

Accelerates hair regrowth

Improves hair density

Improves appearance of hair thickness and condition

Helps boost self confidence

Results and duration of PRP therapy for hair loss will vary for each client depending on purpose of treatment.  Contact us to discuss your hair loss concerns and how we can help you with treatment specific to your individual needs.


Areas Treat​


Procedure Time

70 mins est


No allergic response


Recovery Time

Resume Activities


Results & Duration

Results in 8-12 weeks*

Duration may vary*