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Bunny Lines

Why have Bunny Line Anti-Wrinkle Treatment?

These lines are created by contraction of the ‘upside down horseshoe muscle’ called the nasalis. The lines created can be static (seen at rest) or active (seen on movements such as laughing or talking). They can progress towards the cheek and eye area and can result in a ‘stressed appearance’ for some.

What can be done?

These lines can be relaxed by injecting Anti-Wrinkle product into each side of the nose and are often combined with upper face Anti-Wrinkle treatments to the frown and crow’s feet areas.


Areas Treat​

Nose area

Procedure Time

30 mins est


Infection, Allergic Reaction, 

Bruising​, Swelling

Recovery Time

24 Hours estimated *

Resume Activities

Immediately **

Results & Duration

Results up to 2 weeks

3-4 Months **

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