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Dimpled Chin

What is a Dimpled Chin

A Dimpled Chin also known as 'Orange Peel' chin is where the Mentalis muscle when active creates a cellulite type effect on the chin.  

What can be done?

This area can be treated by the use of both Botulinum Toxin to relax the muscle slightly so the muscle reduces in its ability to pull contract and create the Dimple like effect on the chin.  This treatment is beneficial to anyone* that has a Dimpled Chin.


Areas Treat​

Mentalis Muscle

Procedure Time

10 - 15 mins est


Infection, Allergic Reaction, Asymmetry

Bruising​, Swelling

Recovery Time

24 hours estimated *

Resume Activities

24 Hours estimated **

Results & Duration

Immediate Results

Lasts 3/ 4 Months **

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