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The forehead, frown and crows feet (around the eyes) are the most common areas to be treat with Botulinium Toxin injections, in order to help smooth the appearance of both deep set and fine lines.

When we make a facial expression such as a frown, we are activating a particular muscle (the corrugator supercilii in this instance) in order to do so.  The lines that are visible when we make an expression, are known as a 'dynamic lines' which, when when we are not making an expression - disappear!


However, as we age, the skin does not bounce back as effectively as it once did; meaning that the dynamic lines start to become visible when we are NOT creating the facial expression. Couple this with the fact that the facial muscle is getting stronger and stronger (it is a muscle after all and the more it used the stronger it will get) means that the facial line only becomes more and more prominent when your face is at rest. These lines are known as "static lines" and tend to be the main instigator for Anti Wrinkle injection treatments.  That being said, a lot more people are opting for preventative treatments opposed to corrective!    

What can be done?

Depending on the dose used and the are treated, anti wrinkle injections can be used to prevent lines developing/deepening or to soften existing lines on the mid and upper forehead, frown lines (also known as 11's lines) 

Botox Injetions Asthetik London


Treatment List, Prices & Online Booking
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Areas Treat​

Forehead, Frown, Crows Feet

Recovery Time

24 Hours estimated *

Procedure Time

From 15-20 mins*

Resume Activities

24 Hours


Infection, Allergic Reaction, Brow droop, eyelid droop, spocking, Bruising, Swelling

Results up to can take up to 2 weeks and last 2-4 months

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