Obagi CLENZIderm M.D.™

Obagi Clenziderm System for Acne Asthetik London

Penetrate to the root of acne to clear skin fast!!

Obagi CLENZIderm M.D.™ Systems are the only prescription-strength acne treatments that contain a patented, solubilized form of 5% benzoyl peroxide (BPO) to penetrate deep into the follicle and treat acne where it starts.

Who can benefit from the CLENZIderm M.D.™ Normal to Dry System?

  • Patients with normal to dry skin

  • Patients who prefer lotions

  • Patients with sensitive skin

  • Patients looking to minimise side effects of retinoids or other acne treatments

How It Works

How are CLENZIderm M.D.™ Systems different than other BPO treatments?

Other BPO-based treatments are formulated with insoluble micro or macro-crystals which can remain on the surface of the skin. CLENZIderm M.D.™ Systems are the only prescription-strength acne therapies that contain a solubilized form of 5% BPO designed to penetrate deep into the follicle and clear acne fast.

CLENZIderm M.D.™ Systems demonstrate greater penetration post application

The solubilized form of 5% BPO in CLENZIderm M.D.™ Systems is 1/10,000 the size of any other BPO product available, so it can treat acne where it starts, at the root.

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